Developing superior technical infrastructure throughout EIT RawMaterials community to foster technologies and methodologies for the RE-ACTIVATION of former mine sites.

The Project

Across Europe a large number of abandoned mining areas and sites are existing, most of them with significant content of remaining valuable minerals in the former underground and open pit mines, but also in waste rock dumps, tailings and slag heaps.

With increasing demand for raw materials in the future, these deposits will likely become an important domestic source for critical raw materials. Therefore, it is proposed to establish a Network of Infrastructure (NoI) within the EIT RawMaterials community, which brings together all expertise, experience and capabilities comprising the whole process of RE-ACTIVATING those mine sites in a sustainable manner, using best available technologies.

The benefit of RE-ACTIVATING former mine sites goes beyond direct economic value. For instance, environmental risks and damages are diminished, the land use is upgraded, the local economy strengthened.